Saturday, 7 July 2018

Celebrity Week

This week's celebrity news:
  • Charles and Camilla had a sponge cake; 
  • some footballers won some penalties; 
  • Jordan might be getting married again; and 
  • Kylie might be engaged again;
  • David and Victoria have been married 19 years - seems longer; 
  • Theresa had some friends round to Chequers; 
  • Theresa asked her friends if they wanted to play a game of draughts; 
  • Theresa said ‘eeh I’m dead funny me’; 
  • Esther said she was sorry she had been caught lying to MPs; 
  • the Queen ordered some thistles; 
  • some England footballers said ‘eeh are we still in Russia, I thought I would have been back home by now’; and 
  • Chelsea is in London ... why is that news we all know it is ... oh the person.

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