Saturday, 9 June 2018

Celebrity Week

This week's celebrity news:
  • the Queen went to the races;
  • the Queen said she felt lucky because she found a fiver in her handbag she had forgotten about;
  • Melania didn't go to Camp David;
  • Sean wore some cargo pants; 
  • Theresa met David; 
  • Theresa said ‘I’m sick of you, you’re getting on me nerves’;
  • Bouncy Knowles started her world tour with Kanye – or is it the other one?; 
  • some soap people won some awards;
  • Meghan had a day out with the Queen;
  • the Queen said 'I'm 92 you know';
  • Harry went back to work after his honeymoon; 
  • Harry said ‘eeh that went by dead quick’; 
  • Theresa went to Canada; T
  • Theresa said ‘I’m fed up with that Boris; and
  • Louis quit X Factor – I quit it years ago.