Saturday, 10 February 2018

Celebrity Week

This week's celebrity news:
  • Jacob got his Rees Mogged; 
  • Darcey pulled her house down;
  • Cheryl won't be dancing on ice any more; 
  • Elon fired off one of his rockets;
  • Kate got her heel caught in a grate; 
  • someone was chosen to sing in Europe; 
  • Donald’s hair blew up in a gust of wind – I don’t mean blew up as in an explosion, I mean as a bit ruffled because it was windy; 
  • the Spice people might be singing some songs – thanks for the warning; 
  • Katie went to Parliament; 
  •  Charles and Camilla had a party; 
  • the Queen wore an orange coat; the Queen ended her Christmas holidays – eeh it’s nearly half-term; 
  • Mel and Sue are only doing two Generation Games; 
  • Donald said he would like a big parade: 
  • Donald said can he not have one of those big furry hats the Russians wear when it’s dead cold out; and
  • Cheryl met Charles and Camilla.